Mr. Ours ft AK Sediki - Out Of Darkness

by Mr. Ours

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Out of darkness, we're comin fo you !!


Verse 1
I’m your inner demon
I got evil in my semen
I be creepin’
In da shadows while U sleepin’ and you dreamin’
I can make ya heart stop beatin’
Any sweet MC I eat ‘em
They start weepin’
In the very first second that I meet them
Only me that I believe in
Here’s da blunt so put da weed in
It’s da shit I’m breathin’
I kick rhymes dark as Morgan Freeman
On da mic I’m Grim Reapin’
Blood stains I’m leavin’
On ya carpet
When I spark it
Now you’re departed
Okay end of foreplay, here we go
We creep slow with this freak show creepy flow
It’s a peep show starring a kinky hoe
Rockin’ high heels steppin’ on ya pinky toe
Lay back lemme mess with ya head
Strait ill shit no message to get
It’s da jam that’ll make U buzz for hours
AK Sediki laced with Mr. Ours

Out of darkness we comin’ for you
Regardless we huntin’ for you
Out of darkness we comin’ for you
Regardless we huntin’ for you

Verse 2
I’m the boogeyman
Under ya bed
I’m a hooligan
Ya ass get strangled 2 death
I smoke a doobie then
Half fast rappers get cracked
That’s my duty man,
Catch me like a panic attack
You catch a flat line
Tryna’ test mine
Like a tech9
Click-clack I blast a fast rhyme
I’m from the Dark Side, call me Anakin
You lame mannequin
Start panickin’
I’ll have a Heineken
Fuck twerkin’
Coz we urban
We be lurkin’ and disturbin’
Slurpin’ hard liquor then we burpin’
Sneak in thru’ ya back door hide behind ya curtain
Soon as you get home we’ll get ya it’s for certain
We assassins smoothly operatin’
Man, if you’re a pussy get back 2 ovulatin’
Coz we comin’ 4 ya, huntin’ 4 ya, no escape
Hold it wait
It’s dangerous 2 roll this tape


released August 29, 2016
Mr. ours & AK Sediki



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Mr. Ours France

Mr. Ours, glitch hop, dubstep and salmon...

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